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Imagine, if one morning, you go to school or work on the streets like this. Art painting on unfamiliar streets in Vietnam, but it had a long way development in Europe. The painting competition on the streets often are held in countries such as Germany, Britain, France, Italy ... painting street art in Europe have reached the master level. The passionate painter painting street had great progress with 3D art painting. 3D paintings drawn by the mathematical formula to be absolutely meticulous and precise in every milliliter meters. Artistic wallpaper is creativity 1 0 2 people.
With painting artistic 3D (3D Pavement Art) artists have created the magic streets. Imagine, if one morning, you go to school or work on the streets like this ...?! The road changes, space changes, the world around us has changed. AP reporter introduced readers masterpiece works of artistic 3D street painting of four world-famous author.
Edgar Müller was born in 1968 in Ruhr, Germany. Edgar is appreciate outstanding creativity. Each path are transforms under Edgar creativity, shark rising out of the city, sucking abyss hun deep, the river flows through ... The sudden frost in Ireland are show in the competition Edgar "Festival of World culture "(world culture festival) held from 21-24 / 8 2008 in Dun Laoghaire (Ireland). He turned back to the street Pier ice age era. To start a 3D painting, the artist must perform detailed calculations glass, absolutely meticulous and precise. Edgar's a different picture to the reader can see ability transform the streets of a master artist. 3d wallpaper unique and attractive.
Kurt Wenner was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Kurt has been invited to work with the NASA mission was sketching space and extraterrestrial landscapes. However, with a passion for painting, Kurt went to Italy to pursue her dream. Here, he became a street artist famous painting. His paintings are resonance of two different artistic schools development trend three- Morocco artistic, and surrealism Daliesque salvor.
Manfred Stader began street painting during the period of study at the Städel School in Frankfurt Artschool (Germany). He has made incredible work on the streets. The talent of the artist embodied in thinking, arrange the layout and creativity without boundaries. 3D street paintings is express mainly by two materials: Pastel and lead. The humor in the path of Manfred.
Julian Beever is an Englishman. He was famous in the 90s last century with 3D drawings on the sidewalk with colored chalk. 3D drawings of Julian always leave a strong impression to viewers. Julian also became the name "hot" on the internet with his paintings. 3D like painting with the ability to create the illusion for the viewer.
The street artist painting usually takes an average of 1-2 weeks for a painting. However, the material is chalk and pencil, beautiful paintings like this is just a rain obliterated. A lot of beautiful wallpapers for you to choose from. Here download free hd wallpapers so comfortable you admire.


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